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Kumar Digital Solutions provides the best digital marketing course in zirakpur. 

  • effective advertising messages
  • Trends in the development of the Internet market
Digital Marketing training
What will you learn?
  • Principles of creating a digital marketing strategy
  • Planning marketing activities and setting priorities
  • Setting goals, defining audience groups, designing media
  • budgets, selecting communication channels, analyzing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • effective advertising messages
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  • Trends in the development of the Internet market
  • Designing content and graphics for the website to be displayed in high positions in the Google search engine (SEO)

Content Marketing
What will you learn?

  • Designing a content marketing strategy from scratch,
  • Creating a persona, i.e. a real image of the recipient of your Content Marketing content,
  • Types of Content Marketing content and their distribution channels on the Internet,
  • Content design techniques that will make users eager to read and share them,
  • Simple ways to find inspiration to create valuable content, 
  • Metrics that will help you assess the effectiveness of your Content Marketing activities

Public Relations training in practice
What will you learn?

  • Conducting Public Relations activities in accordance with industry ethics
  • Creating a media database
    Initiating contact with a journalist
  • Writing press releases and planning distribution
  • Actions in the event of emergencies in social media
  • Preparing for a public appearance – media training
digital marketing course in zirakpur
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Social Media – Brand image and community building

What will you learn?

  • Building a social media strategy for the brand
  • Selecting social networking sites for business and marketing purposes
  • Building a community based on customer needs

YouTube Training : Designing a video marketing campaign
What will you learn?

  • Preparing a video marketing action plan based on the brand’s communication strategy
  • Creating simple film scripts and engaging video content for YouTube
  • Video publishing and optimization in YouTube Studio
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Linkedin training
What will you learn?

  • How to optimize your personal and business profile on LinkedIn step by step
  • What features of the website are best to use to achieve success
  • How to create content on personal profiles and company pages and analyze the results of actions

Facebook Ads training
What will you learn ?

  • Account configuration – Business Manager on Facebook Ads – connecting accounts, profiles, advertising accounts and connecting people cooperating.
  • Recipient group settings – geolocation, selection of interests, etc.
  • Creating audiences – custom audiences, lookalikes, saving audiences from other sources.
digital marketing course in zirakpur - facebook ads
digital marketing course in zirakpur - Google Analytics training
    • Google Analytics training
    • What will you learn?
  • Rules for collecting and reporting data by Google Analytics.
  • Set success metrics for your website.
  • Set up goals (conversions) and transactions to measure for your website.
  • Analyze and segment website users and create personas.
  • Analyze the channels and sources of traffic to your website.
  • Analyze conversion paths and assisted conversions, and compare different attribution models to understand which sources start and end the conversion path.

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